Can you cheat on our husband with a book?

II love reading fiction.

And I love fantasy fiction… yup, I said it.

(My husband is shaking his head. He doesn’t read fiction. Shame)
 I just finished 3 books in a 9 part series and I cant stop thinking about it. I keep replaying the chapters in my mind like a movie I just watched, only better! I haven’t cared this much about characters in a book since I read “The Robe” by Lloyd C Douglas.

I don’t read a lot, but when I do it’s more like binge reading – I shun all social engagements (Or begrudgingly attend those I could not cancel or was planned well in advance, but be sure that I was so thinking of that book back home!)

The best give I ever got was a Kindle. Don’t get me wrong, I love holding and reading from physical books and we have a lot of books… but the Kindle has given me the freedom of expanding my fantasy book collection without the guilt or buyers remorse – if the book is bad. I cant throw away a physical book, but I have no problem deleting a bad story from an online device.

 How do I chose a fiction book? I read the first chapter. I have heard some people will read the last chapter and decide if it’s worth it. I don’t generally like surprises in my life, but don’t you dare tell me how a book ends! If you get to the end of the first chapter and I am just mildly curious about where the characters will end up, I will continue…

I have not finished a book before. On purpose. A few actually. Yip, if a book is bad, its bad. There was a time where I couldn’t NOT finish a book. I thought it sacrilege to not finish a book, even a bad one… now I think its torture to finish it!

 This blog post is just a rambling of my thoughts on books. It will expand after my next binge read.
 Or maybe, I will actually answer the questions: Can you cheat on your husband with a book?