About Me

IMG_1362_2I hear the following words about me a lot: “But you don’t look like an artist…”

It is always interesting to wonder what they think I should look like but more often than not, I wonder about all the other things would surprise people when they get to know me. Here is a few..

.. I received my provincial colours for .22 rifle shooting, won a few medals too.

.. I am qualified to conduct abseils for up to a height of 60 metres.

.. I love archery, although I teach better than I shoot.

.. I studied at university but never completed my degree.

Oh yes, and I got the award for best student in art in my senior year at school.

I guess it is also harder to put me in a box as I do not have a specific style or signature discipline. I get bored easily and thrive on variety in my art – I try every art form or style I find interesting. I don’t fight against the stereotype of an “arty”person, to be quite frank, I think I am just too lazy to keep up with the fashion and the accessories and the paint-in-the-hair look. But I do have a quirk my family find very amusing….


I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and is married to an amazing person, Blessing Mpofu, and I give you permission to check him out – on his blog, of course!

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