Meagan’s Horse

Drawing of a horse

This picture has an amazing story… and its not my story but Meagan’s. Meagan was so afraid of horses. None of us realized until we decided to go horse riding and Meagan nearly burst into tears when she had to get close to a horse. After watching the group for most of the morning learning to stop and move a horse in the direction you would like, Meagan finally decided she would give it a try. I held my breath when she stepped in the ring and gently “shooed” the horse forward. Typically, she had picked the biggest horse of the bunch.

This photo was taken right after the instructor showed Meagan how to get a horse to come to you and the next thing, the horse put his big head over her shoulder and gave her a hug. What made my day – was her smile!

Meagan and Horse 1Horse6Horse Final_2


Details of Meagan’s Horse

Dimensions: A3

Medium: Paper / Coloured Pencils

Available in Shop: No